County Plan

County Plan

Youth Membership

Geared for Growth

Confidence to Change

Dynamic Discovery

Engaging Our Community

Be Seen, Be Heard

Positive Partnership

Supporting Our Adults

Outstanding Organisation

Forward to the Future

Basics and Beyond


We met as a County team in October 2014 and looked at the key challenges faced by Girlguiding Shropshire and considered the action plan that the County would follow over the next 3 years. The first stage of the plan was to establish our 3 key headings;

Youth Membership
Engaging with our Community
Supporting our Adult Volunteers

Over the past 12 months we have actively worked in these areas to ensure that Girlguiding Shropshire is able to reach more adult volunteers and young women. In October 2015 we met again as a county team and in line with the “Being our Best” strategic plan set by Girlguiding for 2015-2020, amended our County Plan to incorporate the themes of Excellence, Capacity, Voice and Access.

Each member of the County plays an important part in achieving the targets we have set and we regularly review these at each County Exec meeting to ensure we are making progress. We are keen that our members are seen and heard and that we take the opportunity to go out of the meeting place as often as possible and have fun and adventure. We will update the County Plan each year.

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