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New Trefoil Guild opens in Shrewsbury

West Shrewsbury Trefoil Guild held their first meeting last week as a response to local leaders' wishes for an opportunity to "have some fun of their own."

Emma and Rachel, who run a Senior Section unit in Shrewsbury, said that they would often catch themselves organising or running an activity for their unit and think that they’d love to have a go themselves.

Knowing there must be more leaders out there in the same boat, they put on a cream tea (made with some assistance from their Ranger unit) for the new members to enjoy, whilst deciding what they’d like to do with the new group. A collection of local leaders attended, and the team have even taken an enquiry from a lady in her 70s who would love to join them if they go canoeing in the future!

Trefoil Guild isn’t just for retired guiders. If it sounds like your cup of tea, get involved:

West Shrewsbury Trefoil Guild meets fortnightly at Copthorne Guide and Scout Hut.

Shrewsbury Trefoil Guild meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the Roy Fletcher Centre.